Why SAFELIMO? Quoted by Mr. Richard Cado

it's simple, people want it to be SAFE ™

Limousine industry statistics published over the past several years, combined with recent media reports, confirm that some operators do not pay much attention to the importance of safety for their passengers. Industry regulations also need to be reviewed and harmonized using standards adapted to contemporary conditions. These deficiencies peaked on October 6, 2018 in the New York area, which was a tragic event that killed 18 passengers and two pedestrians. Most recently, state authorities have introduced tough rules to deter operators from violating laws and regulations, but in my opinion that alone won't be enough.   

Are stretch limos safe? Watch this crash-test footage of a startling crash  Published by NBC News   May 28, 2019   

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it's simple, people want it to be SAFE ™

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Montreal, June 13, 2019

Montreal, June 13, 2019 - Cado & Co. Management Ltd. has developed a clever application for limousine operators that provides a simple and elegant solution to changing regulations in the industry. It is a legal instrument which simplifies the relationship between operator and user, in an industry which previously had little regulation binding its users. Application users can now travel safely and enjoy the benefits of luxury travel without worry. Beyond prevention, the SAFELIMO ™ App is designed to be user-friendly, entertaining and also extremely effective!

Facts: The global Taxi & Limousine Software market is growing rapidly and is expected to keep the pace until 2022. 

The Asia-Pacific region will occupy more market share in following years, especially in China. India and the Southeast 

Asia regions will also occupy significant positions in the years to come. 

The United States will continue to play an important role which cannot be ignored. Any changes from United States might affect the development trend of Taxi & Limousine Software, worldwide.

Our Proposal

Both clients and the general public assume that alcohol consumption, drug use and the non-use of seat belts are tolerated, which is paradoxical. These are the famous grey areas in the limousine industry that are so deeply embedded in public opinion, and that the SAFELIMO App is attempting to address.   Application users - authorities, operators, drivers and customers – will now be aware of their respective responsibilities. The application will provide a clear and simple interface upon which all users can agree to of the terms and conditions of services provided by limousine transportation companies.

Our concept is simple, efficient and compelling; the 30-second video SAFELIMO App is posted on the SAFELIMO.COM website (website and video not listed for the public).


This proposal is aimed at all organizations interested in initiating the execution of the SAFELIMO™ application generated by the 911LIMO® Paralegal Authority.

The worldwide marketing is set to begin in the United States and we are pleased to inform you through this limited newsletter that our business proposal is ready to be implemented. For the licensing or purchase of this entire project and its business plan, auctions will be opened at a later date. The proposal includes features for the development of the mobile application, a portfolio of trade-marks and premium domain names for global commercialization including trade-mark licensing for targeted markets in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Corporation and/or non-profit organization, all strategic elements, market research, technology development team and intangible assets can be optioned at the buyers' discretion. 


The SAFELIMO™ application, its trademarks and derivative products fully meet the current and future needs of the industry, without harming the interests of any of the stakeholders. They address the safety and regulatory concerns of the various stakeholders in the limousine industry by providing reliable and accurate data to limousine customers. 

Are stretch limos safe? Click below the crash-test

Published by NBC News   May 28, 2019  

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Trade News


Montreal, Oct 23th 2019

Montreal,  Oct 23th  2019 -  Fall 2018 was a truly memorable time for the world' limousine industry.

The most striking event was certainly the tragedy in the United States, which claimed the lives of 20 people, including the driver, 17 passengers and two pedestrians. It was reported that the limousine had failed inspection and the driver wasn't properly licensed. What can we learn and do to better protect our industry in terms of safety and security?

 Introducing some positive and innovative news! Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada through CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office), a member of the World Trade Organization, has welcomed the 911LIMO trade-mark which is registered to Cado & Co. Management Ltd.

 What does that mean? 

Did you know that by 2025 limousine services will no longer be dedicated to the luxury of excess but to the luxury of convenience, which makes it accessible to the masses? 

As a result, when the privileges granted to limousine services become mass products and services, they wither away and vanish. 

Limousine safety law and regulation in the United States, Canada or anywhere must be rethought in light of changing transportation practices. Since the tragedy of Saturday, October 6, 2018, the warning has been sent to all those concerned. With the vision of Richard Cado, founder of 911LIMO and SAFELIMO, these innovative product and service licenses are a key asset in this field.  

That's where the 911LIMO and SAFELIMO trademarks directly connect with you, as they are at the core of the safety and security of everyone involved in the legendary limousine industry.

Since this news release is intended only for specific industry players to boost the upcoming launch of 911LIMO and SAFELIMO by 2019, please visit 911limo.com for further information on our products, services and partnerships. 


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